About The Project

Thanks to widespread scams, cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are suffering from a significant lack of trust and confidence. This is scaring off coin investors and the public at large, creating a stumbling block for mainstream adoption.

To combat this problem we created Confident Coins. Our objective is to improve the level of confidence and trust in the blockchain community, because if the quality of projects in this space can be improved we all benefit. It's also our way of contributing and giving something back.

As a budding project we've decided that verifying coins and the teams behind them is one way we can help build confidence, and it's a service we now provide free of charge. With sufficient interest this project will also be expanded into different areas designed to foster confidence, trust and growth of the blockchain community.


About The People


Ben Gill

Founder and Lead Developer

Sydney, Australia


Lovelyn-Mae Corona

Head Administrator

Manila, Philippines

If you would like to join the team by contributing your time and experience to this project then please contact us here.